CalTel Cablevision

CalTel Cablevision offers the best in television service - more than 130 channels brought to you over a state-of-the-art all-digital network.

HD channels are available only in areas where fiber has been connected to the home.
Current areas are Calypso Bay, Connor Estates, Copper Hills, Peninsula Estates, Poker Flat, Saddle Creek and Copper Town Square.

View the CalTel Cablevision channel lineup.

Package and Description: Monthly Price:
30 local broadcast channels.
$24.95 *
Includes the Basic package, plus Digital Music Channels.
$96.95 *
Spanish Language
Spanish Language Channels.
$2.95 *
Showtime Digital Movie Package
Includes Showtime, The Movie Channel, Flix and more.
$16.95 *
STARZ and STARZ ENCORE Digital Movie Package
STARZ and STARZ ENCORE channels.
$9.95 *
HBO movie channels.
$19.95 *
Cinemax movie channels.
$14.95 *

Set-top box rental: Monthly Price:
Standard Set-top box $4.95
DVR Set Top Box
Find out more about the DVR.

* These prices do not include the cost of required telephone service or any additional taxes or fees.
All television packages require the rental of either a Standard Set-top box or DVR Set-top box.

Pay-Per-View is available on channels 399 (Standard Definition) and 899 (High Definition).