Voice Mail Instructions
If you are at home:
Dial *83
When asked for the mail box number, press the # key.
If you are not at home or are voice mail only:
Dial your home phone number.
When you hear the default greeting,
press the # key.

Enter your temporary four digit password of 0000 (4 zero's) followed by the # key.
Press 9 to set up your mailbox.

For Greeting Options Press 1
You can disregard this step if you choose to use the default greeting of:
"The party you have dialed( does not answer) or ( is busy). Please leave a message after the tone".
Press 4 to record a custom greeting and follow the command prompts.
Be sure and Press 2 to save your custom greeting. When finished, Press * to return to the "set up menu".

To Change Your Password Press 2
Follow the prompts to change your password. The password is any series of up to 16 digits that you choose. Choose a password that you can remember as you will be unable to access your voice mail without it. You may want to write down your password and keep in a secure location for future reference.

To Change Your Auto Log In Option Press 4
"Auto log on" is disabled by default. If enabled, you can access your voice mail from home without entering a phone number or password. You may turn this feature on or off from this menu.

Please hang up the phone

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your voice mail with a greeting and new password. You have chosen whether you want the "auto log in" option enabled or disabled. If you have any questions, please call customer service at 785-2211 or toll free at 1-800-253-2511.

To Access Your Voice Mail from Home

If "Auto Log In" is enabled - Dial *83. If "Auto Log In" is disabled - Dial *83.
When asked for the phone number - press the # key.
At prompt - enter your personal password & press the # key.

(Go to "Main Menu" instructions)

- OR -

To access your voice mail if you are not at home - dial your phone number. When you hear your greeting start to play, press the # key.

At prompt, enter your personal password followed by the # key. You will now be directed to the "Main Menu".

To Listen To Your Messages:  Press 1
  * To listen to NEW messages  Press 1 **
  * To listen to SAVED messages  Press 2 **
To Play The Current Date & Time  Press 7
To Set Up Your Voice Mailbox
(see "set up instructions" on other side of page)
  Press 9

** Below are the options you will have from the choices listed above

Press 1 - To play the message
Press 2 - To save this message & play the next message
Press 3 - To save this message & play the next message
Press 4 - To save this message as new (used to undelete a message)
Press * - To return to the main menu
Press 0 - To hear these instructions again

IMPORTANT NOTE: To undelete a message - DO NOT HANG UP. Follow the voice promps to relisten to the message. Once you have re-played the message you deleted, Press 4 to save the message as new.

Prior to exiting your voice mail, you will still be given the number of total messages. After hanging up, the message(s) you deleted will then be cleared. Messages cannot be retrieved after exiting.